Stevie Hiscock

Stevie Hiscock

Yoga found me as a very low, heavy point: weighing in at over a hundred kilograms I had little connection to myself or my spirit.

My first every class was a 90 minute bikram. It was the hardest thing I had ever done. I thought hated every moment but noticed that I loved the incredibly clear, content feeling that seemed to well up from within as I lay down in savasana. I came back  then next day and suffered again and then next day and the next. 9 months later I was hooked, every family member and friend had heard me rave about the benefits and the healing behind the poses.

The next month I quit my job and was free to follow my new found passion for yoga. I did a TTC with The Shala in 2012 and have been teaching nearly every day since I finished my course. I qualified privarely in bikram, hatha and yin styles of teaching and have found a real love for all types of yoga as they all lead to the same place: the light within.

I love how the practice has left me feeling lighter, more connected to me and my needs and very grounded so I can be clear on where I want my life to be going. I’ve lost the baggage that comes with heaviness and since then my weigh has normalised and I’ve been kinder to this beautiful vessel I live and love in. It’s not about being sexy, rather about learning about yourself and your mind.

I teach from a light-hearted place while challenging you to remain calm in tough places like handstand or backbends. I try to bring all of my training styles in to each class as they all add wonderfully to the other. Everything had a place.

I have found my light and hopefully together we can help you find yours.