Robyn Cowen

Energetic Consultant and Spiritual Counsellor
Robyn Cowen

Robyn Cowen is a Professional Energetic Consultant and Spiritual Counsellor.

Tarot, Numerology, Hands on Healing, Shamanism, Channelled Soul Portraits (Guide Drawings), Home and Office Energy Clearings, Crystal Therapeutics, Meditation and P.N.I. (Psycho-Neuro-Immunology) are a few of the modalities she shares with her clients. These healing processes enable Robyn’s clients to become more empowered, as they learn who they are, what they deserve and how to create the reality they choose for themselves and their lives.

As a Holistic Healer, Robyn’s express intent is to uplift, energise and create wholeness. Her heart centred light awakens self- love, self-worth, deservabilty and blessings in all those she interacts with, focusing exclusively on each client’s individual needs.

Robyn has over the past 32 years been interviewed in a number of magazines as well as t.v. shows like The Big Question and Free Spirit.